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SafeCamChat is the safest video conferencing option in the world.

SafeCamChat has a set of protection features including a Worldwide Patented System
to prevent image capture ( PCT/ES2013/070912 ). The patent allows tracking the location of the receivers
by adding crucial information within the video data.

SafeCamChat Protection Features:

- Adds crucial data within each broadcast to identify the receivers.
- Protects the broadcasts to prevent image capture.
- Block users trying to hide their IP addresses ( location ).
- Disables the screen capture key while the user is watching a camera.
- Includes several anti spam, trolls and hackers features.
- Allows blocking new users and / or password protection in the rooms.
- Allows existing users exit and re-enter when the room is locked.
- Allows democratic moderation when the moderator is inactive.
- Allows to ban users even if they are no longer in the room.
- Blocks the use of virtual camera software in large rooms.
- Expands the links with redirects before opening.
- Check the links before posting.

You can create your own room with your friends or join to a friend's room if you know
the room name ( and password if needed ).

All rooms are private, there are not a rooms list.


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SafeCamChat is under development - V 0.4.9 BETA